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Cross Road Church is passionate about creating a small group environment that really engages the truths of scripture and community as we live out our daily lives.

Study group

LifeGroup is a casual setting in which we learn to care for, encourage, challenge and comfort one another throughout everyday life. If you are new to Cross Road, locate a group at our LifeGroup wall in the church lobby or fill our the LifeGroup contact form to begin the next step. Someone will contact you to help guide you to the right group for you!

LifeGroup Contact Form

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Looking for more? Sermon recaps and discussion guides for LifeGroup leaders can be found here:


Looking to get involved at Cross Road? Our ministry headings are listed below with a brief description. Check the list and contacts below and prayerfully consider becoming a part of one of our ministry teams!

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Meal Train

Providing meals to church families in recovery. Our Meal Train team is organized by Cami Sullivan.

Call Cami at 316-644-3817 or email.

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Dorcas Ladies

Knitting, crocheting, and sewing chemo caps, baby blankets, and more for those in need.Our Dorcas Ladies team is organized by Sharon Dilks.

Call Sharon at 316-226-5230 or email.


Men's Maintenance

Work on church building repairs, installations, grounds work etc. 

Our Men's Maintenance team is always looking for more willing workers.

Email us at



A group for moms who want to raise Christ-following kids & fellowship with other moms. Our 412Moms leader is Tristyn Brotton.

Call Tristyn at 316-519-1098 or email.

Helping Hands

Assist seniors, singles, and neighbors with home repairs and projects. 

Our Helping Hands team is organized by Steve Shook.

Call Steve at 316-796-3943 or email.


Lord's Diner

Serving hot meals to families in South Wichita. Our Lord's Diner team is organized by Mary Berg.


Email Mary for more information.

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Women's Prayer Team

Meets every other Wednesday morning for intercessory prayer. Our Women's Prayer team is organized by Susan Washee.


Call Susan at 316-644-1804 or email.

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Prayer Team

Ongoing prayer requests are sent to this team for constant prayer. Our Prayer Team is organized by Kathy Herington.


Call Kathy at 316-883-8495 or email.

Fellowship Threads

Each Monday from 6-8pm ladies create prayer quilts for people with serious health issues. Our Fellowship Threads team is organized by Donna Hoover.


Call Donna at 316-880-5942 or email.

Landscaping Team

Work on the care of our lawns and flowerbeds. Our Landscaping Team is organized by Richard and Amy Aitken.

Call Richard at 316-317-9143, Amy at 316-207-0843 or email.

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